2020 04 14 02

Some days are difficult

Some days our souls stand up & fight

I see people struggle every day through not just one problem, but a myriad of conflicted confluence of emotions, thoughts and beliefs. They walk into my practice desperate to understand their psyches, desperate to find ‘the answer’; thereby ending all suffering in one fell swoop. And here is the paradox:

most people seek this magical answer orway out, but they also realise that it is not just that simple. That it is going to take anywhere from a while to a long time. That they will have to struggle through the murky swamplands of their souls, and become drenched in the anxiety of not knowing the answer. But ultimately I see a part of their souls peek out, and yearn to challenge life and everything that is against them like a polar wind coming out of nowhere. They rise to the challenge to hold the hope in their hands, and cling to the inner conviction that one day they will find a sense of peace and wholeness. Yet, some days are difficult beyond words. Those days are silent in many ways… These are the days when all of Life seems to conspire against their growth and sanity. The days that seem like the obligatory bloodletting days where the soul tires and drips away into despair. These are the days that faith comes by like an unexpected bird picking us up so lightly. We cant feel part of any process on these days. We are merely spectators of our own psychological ebbs and flows between life and despair when these days come visiting. Maybe that is just it….maybe these days are just visitors that attach themselves to our experience for a moment. Maybe they are there to help us see our own hubris, and help us become re-connected to a deep sense of faith in the connection of our own souls to this earth and life….that we belong here and that it is not over. And that we keep fighting every day through those swamplands of our souls….