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Konrad van Staden is a Clinical Psychologist and Jungian Analyst. Konrad provides individual Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy, High-Performance Coaching, and Wilderness Processes to groups and individuals.

Konrad completed his clinical studies at Pretoria University and Weskoppies Psychiatric  Hospital. He developed interests and experience in psychoanalytic therapy, addictive disorders(obesity, binge-eating and substance abuse), depth therapy, personal growth, psychosexual problems, and the expression of depression and anxiety within the individual personality.

After initially reading for a degree in Law at Rhodes University, Konrad travelled through Europe and the Middle East, returning to Rhodes to complete studies in Philosophy and Psychology. He had the privilege of experiencing and learning from differing perspectives through studies at Stellenbosch and finally Pretoria Universities.

After many years in practice as clinician and psychoanalytic psychotherapist, Konrad completed the four year training programme to become a Jungian Analyst at the Cape Town C.G Jung Centre, joining the Southern African Association of Jungian Analysts and the International body (IAAP).

Konrad’s curiosity and need to integrate contemporary models of philosophy and interaction within the therapeutic realm drove him to complete the didactic part of the M.Phil. programme in Executive and  Leadership Coaching at the Stellenbosch University Business School. This continually informs his work in the Sports, Executive and Leadership arenas.

Konrad believes in developing a deeper interaction between our own unconscious nature and our sense of self. Therapy processes help you feel greater control through reclaiming the lost balance by finding answers inside in resources previously unavailable.

Continual interaction between our biology, our mind and social-relational dynamics brings us into an expression of our soul that leads to being ethical, responsible and psychically playful. To actualise means to find our own unique soul, expression, and integrate it with the world around us through the journey inwards.

Deeply rooted in the experience of the Eastern Cape and the city-dwelling life of the Lowveld, Konrad now enjoys coastal life with his family, dog, horse, and the tranquil soulfulness of Kini Bay on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Konrad has a passion for understanding the psychological interaction between wildlife and human and economic communities. He spends time enjoying various sports where he gets to interact with nature, especially the sea.

Konrad has written extensively on various topics with the central philosophy being engagement with the deep inner self through the interactive experience between our own psyche and the world around us. “There can be no transformation in the world without transformation of the self” is the guiding saying in Konrad’s philosophy of treatment, writing , and lecturing. He uses myth, symbolism, and fairytales to illustrate many dynamics that contribute to understanding and developing a relationship to our deep self and psyche.

Konrad lectures, gives talks, and provides processes on change, growth and transformation of the human psyche. To book him please follow the contact information.

*To facilitate and meet the need for support and psychotherapy, Konrad offers sessions through Skype and Zoom platforms.