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Konrad van Staden is a Clinical Psychologist and Candidate Analytic (Jungian) Psychologist. Konrad provides individual psychotherapy and analysis to adults and adolescents, as well as various group processes for burnout and coping mechanisms.


Individual Psychotherapy: The psychotherapeutic process is for adults and adolescents to deal with clinical issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar mood, and obsessive compulsive behaviour. In psychotherapy Konrad also focusses on interpersonal conflicts, internal conflicts, and how the personality struggles to deal with a ‘stuck’ feeling. Individual psychotherapy helps the person to deal with unconscious dynamics  to allow greater adaptability, relationship health and  psychological playfulness.

Jungian Analysis: Konrad is a Candidate Jungian Analyst at the C.G.Jung Centre accredited by the South African Association of Jungian Analysts (SAAJA) and The International Association of Jungian Analysts(IAJA). At the heart of Jungian Analysis is the creation of meaning and purpose through an experience and understanding between conscious and unconscious dynamics . The process focusses on finding the root and underlying causes, resulting in deeper and long-lasting changes.

Supportive Group Therapy: Konrad offers a supportive interpersonal group therapy process to medical professionals as a supportive treatment to develop coping mechanisms and manage burnout symptoms. This group support process is offered in person or can also be offered via telemedicine platforms (Skype and Zoom).