Konrad is involved in various projects and available for talks regarding topics on Analytic (Jungian) Psychology, Theoretical Seminars to students and psychologists, or topics on Wilderness experience and the interaction between Nature and people as a way of understanding our own psyches.

Konrad is currently in the process of establishing a Wilderness experience in the Baviaanskloof biome, taking people through a labyrinthian journey and walk to experience the interaction between  the psyche and Nature. The process runs up to six days involving different processes to assist the journey inwards, appreciating our own nature within Nature, while walking through some of the most unspoilt areas in the Eastern Cape, while guided to rare Khoisan rock paintings, viewing rare species and learning to be still inside.

In 2017 Konrad set up an out-patient addictions centre that is in the process of training addiction counsellors to assist in the poorer communities ravaged by substance abuse and addiction.



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